S.I.C. Ltd. is technologically advanced IT organization, providing:


Outsourcing of IT: the complette replacing of IT department:


  •  Client´s servers are taken into administration, installed and then checked under the daily supervision, supervised by online monitoring system
  •  Client´s PC´s or notebooks are connected to the dispatching of remote access. In the event of any problem, the user´s problem is solved over the phone and via remote access
  •  The minimum percentages of defects, which can not be resolved by remote access, is guaranteed the solving the problem within 24 hours
  •  Each PC or notebook is visited for 4-6 weeks, by the service technicians to do prophylaxis and personal interview with the user for good control functionality
  •   Each individual user problem can be entered and then guarded by the ticket system, which numbered and handled problems with them (issue tracking)
  •   Work of technicians are summarized by SIC REPORTING SYSTEM
    Serverhosting, webhosting, server rentals:

  •   We provide TRANSFER  client´s servers to the Internet backbone with gigabit connectivity
  •  We  HIRE servers, according to the desired performance from USD 120 per calendar month inc. CORE-2 server gigabit connectivity and backuped power
  •  domains webhosting - www.inethosting.cz
    individual client domains: client can manage itself through our application "Domain Administration Centre"
  • Solutions for Virtual Private Network:

  •   We provide the unification of IT environment through all branches of large organizations

    Cost-effective solution by usage of heterogeneous networks:

  •  Installing WINDOWS server as well as LINUX servers usually GENTOO distribution - effective use of owner´s funds. For example, there is possible to install ORACLE database to free GENTOO linux server



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