Company Profile

The object of the company's activities S.I.C. is outsourcing IT department, operational lease of computer technology, the sale of goods and services in the field of computer networks, internet / intranet and design a comprehensive solution including the programming of application software. The company is also the wholesale (TONERDISKONT - wholesale full range of computer consumables). The other activities include such as services as webhosting (, treasury systems, or the operation of Internet cafes - the training center.

From the outset of operations, the company characterized by objectivity and independence of the supply portfolio. It´s solutions are built according to clearly defined needs of clients, not under the jurisdiction of individual camps strong producers. Therefore, they are always in addition to the classic solution built on technology companies ADOBE, CA, Corel, Microsoft, Network Associates, NOVELL, Symantec, TINY Software, etc. also offered powerful and elegant solutions based on LINUX, usually supplemented Gentoo distribution of the products of other manufacturers offering equivalent solutions. This has enabled the development and providing of software and hardware Audits, important as background material in the decision-making processes of large companies.

In addition, servers and computers, sold under SIC own brand (which brings the saving the client´s money at min. 30%), the SIC company sells, installs, implements service and technical support, in particular brands ACER, APC, Apple, ATI, BENQ, CANON, CISCO, Dell, Ebeam, EPSON, FUJITSU-SIEMENS, Hewlett Packard, HTC, IBM, Lexmark, LG, Logitech, Matrox, Microcom, MICROSTAR, Minolta, Mitsumi, Nokia, Polycom, OKI, PHILIPS, Quantum, RICOH, Samsung, Seagate, Soltek, SONY, UMAX, U.S. Robotics, Verbatim, Viewsonic, Well, Xerox , Yamaha and many others.

Wholesale TONERDISKONT offers consumables for printers and copiers current producers (Hewlett Packard, Canon, EPSON, Minolta, Xerox) and less widely producers (Agfa, Apple, Brother, Kyocera, Konica, QMS, Develop, RICOH, TOSHIBA, NASHUA, LANIER, MITA, UTAX, PANASONIC, AEG, KONICA, OKI, LEXMARK, IBM, SANYO, PHILIPS, STAR, OLIVETTI, TALLY and others). Distribution Program Marketing ACCESSORY supplies batteries, autoadaptéry, network resources and some other accessories for almost all brands and types produced notebooks.

A major development is currently being SERVICE CONTRACTS, which in some cases transferred to the highest degree of cooperation between the SIC and the client: OUTSOURCING IT DEPARTMENT. Usually, there is more clear for business clients to have outsourcing IT company then own IT department, because of developed controll mechanism on the site of outsourcing IT provider. For more details be provided at the personal meeting.

Major development is also in the development of software applications that are adapted and commercially sold.  server offers reliable hosting service. SIC INTRANET portal offers a solution to all organizations wishing to share information (contacts, tasks), use monitored the circulation of documents (workflow) or to modify your site easily and quickly they want to, for example, or on its Web site to place the details of its information system or you want to connect with other sources of information from the outside. Once the organization defines access rights to individual sections of the application, each user can (even without the knowledge of Internet technologies) as part of maintaining the current site without the need for constant communication with the webmaster. This portal solutions can be easily linked to another interesting product, SMS reporting system. SMS reporting allows you to create a database of business information, usually based on the collection of such information in the field and sending the data file via SMS. The outputs from the database reporting SMS sent by e-mail or a legitimate user can log on to a protected Web site and copy the entire database.
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